Making the best out of a busy schedule!

We all have busy lives nowadays: work, house chores, and many other responsibilities! And if you live in a metropolitan area, traffic can add an extra 2 hours each day to your schedule! Therefore, by the time you reach home, all you feel that you have the energy for is a quick bite to eat, a glass of wine and your favorite shows! While it is the most appealing route, you can’t simply drink away the responsibilities as I so often wish I could!

As I have had to balance work, life, studies throughout my adulthood, I’ve found it very helpful to follow some of the following tips that I’d like to share with you below. Unfortunately they don’t make the chores disappear but they definitely make it possible to enjoy that glass of wine!

Tip #1 – Keep a schedule!

Yes, it might sound tedious however, keeping a schedule will help you divide and conquer. Assign specific tasks to specific days. For example, make Thursdays laundry day, Friday evenings grocery day or Sunday afternoon meal prep day.

Tip #2 – Keep healthy and quick meal options

Some of my favorite items to keep in the kitchen are crackers, tuna, salami, cheese, hummus, eggs, bagged salad, and pita bread. These items give me access to a quick healthy meal. On days that I don’t return home until the sun is setting, these become main ingredients on my dinner plate whether it is a tuna salad with crackers and cheese or a salad and some boiled eggs. Make sure that the options that you keep are as natural as possible and will enable you to have a sustainable meal within fifteen minutes or less.

Tip #3 – Put technology to good use!

My phone has become my personal assistant. With everything going on in the day, sometimes I forget to eat! Smartphones are now the norm and even though most of us have one now, very few of us are using them to their potential! With my phone, I not only stay in touch with my friends and family, I keep track of what I eat and my exercise routines, I access my financial reports and bills (be sure to always have a secure passcode and NEVER share your access), I create my grocery list, access my Starbucks card, and keep up with the news.

Tip #4 – Save some time for you!

I tend to have the tendency to put myself on the back burner in the midst of my every day hectic life and unfortunately, it took fallin ill a couple of times for me to finally register that if I am not healthy, I will not be able to carry on my responsibilities. So now I create down time for myself on a weekly basis. The actual day varies by week depending on what I have going on but I make sure to take that time. Whether it is to enjoy a movie or dinner with friends, or catch up on hours of DVR, I keep a few hours one day a week to totally take a step back and simply enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I hope that you will take these tips into consideration, make them into your own and start making the best out of your busy schedule!

Life is short, so remember to keep the positivity and live it to the fullest!



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