Scheduling your time

It is easy to say you will keep a schedule, however, I’ve come to realize that action a lot of time does not follow that intention. For many of us, it is not due to a lack of interest but rather due to busyness! When you are running around and trying to keep up with your daily agenda, it usually slips out of your mind to write your schedule down, and by the end of the year, those planners are still empty.

I used to invest in planners every year! I’m a girly girl and would take my time to select my planners: retro style, beaches, flowers, you name it, I’ve probably had it! However, by the end of the year, I would look back and realize that more than half of the pages were still empty and that I would have been better off using that money otherwise. I was left with an out of date empty planner and still in need of a better way to organize my time. Since I became increasingly more reliant on my smartphone, I figured I’d put the apps in there to good use. It’s simple to say to use your phone as your planner but you must also know which app to use and when.  So these are the ones I used and how:

Calendar App  – This is my to go app where I schedule reoccurring events such as appointments, meals (yes if you tend to forget about eating when you’re busy like I do, you NEED to!), and major life events such as birthdays, anniversaries etc… Most phone calendars should be able to sync with your email calendars, so be sure to sync all calendars regularly so that you don’t miss an important event. The calendar app will give you the option of setting reminders which I strongly encourage. In addition to reminders, you are able to set a start and end date for these appointments on your calendar, invite others via email, include an address and notes related to the event.

Reminder App –  This app I use for quick reminders that are not part of your regular schedule such as a quick run to the post office, running a quick errand during lunch time… Anything that usually becomes part of your schedule at the last minute. These are always the ones that we forget about! The new iOS softwares come with this app built in and it allows you to set the priority level, an alarm, and even set a location where it can remind you of the task.

Shopping List – There are various apps out there available to help you make a quick shopping list for the house. They are user friendly and typically include preloaded items which makes the job much quicker for you. As you go through your day, it is a quick way to add anything to your list.

Remember, technology is always evolving, be sure to put it to good use and let it make your life a little easier. I hope these quick tips will help you manage your schedule a little easier. Feel free to leave some tips that you use in the comment section below.




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