Keeping Your Spirit Up!

Have you ever had one of those days when you just have plenty on your to-do list but yet only want to stay on the couch or in bed and not do anything at all!? Of course you have! We all do and it is normal because we are human! The important thing is how you deal with that feeling! Do you let it wear you down for days or do you fight it and win?
I have had to face these days many times before and as recently as last week. What did I do? I acknowledged it! The first step to getting over your funk is to admit that you are in an actual funk! We are all human and some days are going to be better than others. Once you acknowledge that you are not feeling like your usual self, you can then make a conscientious decision to uplift your spirit. There are many ways that you can lift your spirits but one of the most effective ways for me has always been through talking it out with someone. Admitting to your condition to someone you trust helps you dissect the cause of your funk. Those who are close to you not only have the capability to help you get to the bottom of your problems but they usually are the best remedy! For me, this is usually how I process being in a funk:
1 – Acknowledge my state of mind and then usually try to determine what has caused me to be in the funk.
2 – Reach out to a trusted person in my life that I feel will best help me remedy the issue. Some people in my life help me navigate through life goals, some help me through relationships, others through spiritual tough time.
Discussing the cause of my state usually helps me not only process it but also find a solution to help me get back on track. The conversation does not need to last an hour, it simply needs to be uplifting! We all need to surround ourselves with people who will uplift you in good and in bad times. A glam girl may always be on the go, but she will definitely need to have a solid foundation that helps her stay on track.
Finally, take some time to reflect! Whether you are religious or simply spiritual and believe in positivity, taking some to time to process your feelings is very important. It helps you deal with whatever was starting to fester and move on. It is important for you to always have a well balanced mind in order to conquer your dreams, so be sure to take the time to yourself on a regular basis and it will help lower the amount of days where you find yourself in a funk.
Do you ever feel like you’re in a funk? Please share some of the ways you have turned the situation around in the comments below.


International Women’s Day

Hello Glam Girls!

Happy International Women’s Day! Whether it is an 8 year old girl who is starting to find interest in fashion or a 90 year old grandmother who now enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, we all share the common bond of being a woman and knowing how to overcome the hardships that come on our paths in life. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on what being a woman has always meant to me.

As women, we face the biggest challenges in our society and continually have to surmount them while being caretakers. We are daughters, friends, coworkers, mothers, wives and the list goes on… As women, we are usually our toughest critics as if society did not already set the bar to a surreal level! We are expected to be the exemplary role model but are the most neglected members of society and yet we still hold our heads high doing it all. We are never too tired to help a friend in need, help with homework, cook a warm meal, or finish a project that was assigned at the last minute. You name it, we handle it.

We multitask by nature! And we are climbing the steps in our society and becoming judges, doctors, fashion designers, governors, teachers, world leaders, and CEO’s while balancing these titles with our personal responsibilities and are still expected to excel at both. However as we climb in the ladders of the professional world, the criticism becomes louder and unfortunately many times it comes from other women. We must learn how to uplift each other better and recognize each other’s achievements without any source of envy and criticism. If we don’t do so, how do we expect the men who are still held back in the archaic age to ever view us as equals?

No one faces more criticism than the independent woman who works hard and does not rely on someone else to sustain her life. We get labeled as bitchy, bossy, difficult etc. However, as an independent woman who has heard it all and know many ladies who are living similar lives I can say that we are simply a mystery to those who have chosen a different path from us and to the opposite sex! We are a mystery because we have managed to fit into our day all of the responsibilities and still have time to look fabulous doing so! We are not bitchy or bossy, we simply know what we want and our time is precious so we do not waste it. We are not difficult, we just know our value and will not settle. Ladies, do not ever feel like you should apologize for knowing what you want in life! It is not about being nasty, and it is not about emasculating the men in our lives, being a woman is being able to build your life and follow your dreams while being able to uplift those present in it. In the end, we have dreams and goals in life just like a man, we just achieve them in stilettos!

Check out this amazing article that Cosmopolitan posted earlier last week:

Keep reaching for your dreams ladies!


How to Plan an Amazing Trip on a Budget

March is here and soon this frigid weather (for some☺) will be nothing but a memory and bikini season will be upon us! Every year around this time, I plan a trip to get away from the all the daily stressors and usually plan it with my usual suspects: my sister and cousins! So far my get away trips have taken me to South Beach and Puerto Rico. Each time, I have so much fun that upon my return, I need a few days just to recover from the trip. I know that some believe that in order to have a great vacation, you must go with the flow; however, I believe that in order for a glam girl to enjoy her vacation to the maximum without breaking the bank or having obstacles, a certain amount of planning is required! Before you start planning that trip, here is my first advice to you: be sure that you are able to afford a trip financially and know your limit! Once you have determined these two factors, the fun part will commence. As a glam girl, I am always about having the best experience (whether it is shopping or adventure) at the best price. And to do so, you must know how to shop around! An amazing vacation does not have to include an airfare or a road trip, you simply need to plan some amazing activities that will help you reach your goal for your trip. So here are my tips to have the trip of a lifetime:
Have a budget! – When we took our trip to Puerto Rico last year, our budget was to spend a maximum of $500 per person including EVERYTHING: airfare, rental, lodging, and food.
Shop early! – Sometime you may be lucky and find a great ticket at the last minute however, it generally is not the case, especially if you want to travel during peak vacation times such as Spring Break or summer months.
Shop around! – We all have a favorite airline or hotel, however, sometimes they may not have the best deal on their sites. I always like to start shopping for my tickets on a renowned third party site such as CheapTickets, Expedia, Kayak or Priceline. Once you have an idea of the price tickets are going for, you always double check on your favorite airline’s website to see if they may have a better deal.
Third party lodging – I only suggest this option for a group vacation as one can never be too careful. However, I have used AirBnB for each of my trips and have had excellent experiences with my hosts. The key to using a third party site is to ensure that the information provided is verified by the company. From the host to the pictures posted on the site, you want to make sure that the company, where the lodging is advertised, has a strict verification process. If you are not comfortable with a third party lodging, my suggestion is then to use a third party site for a combo special. Be sure to check out my article on using third party services for more tips here:
Stock the kitchen! – Yes, it is fun to enjoy having great meals out when vacationing, however, you risk of running a hefty bill if you are having all meals at restaurants! Upon arrival, find the nearest grocery store and buy the essentials and just enough for your stay: bread, milk, cereal, juice, wine, etc. Just be sure to have something quick that you can eat prior to heading out on the town. I always suggest having breakfast items and condiments to make a quick sandwich. This reduces the amount spent eating out and you’re still able to have a fabulous lunch or dinner out.
Research the best activities in the area and plan ahead – For Puerto Rico, I looked for all of the events happening in the Condado (neighborhood where we stayed) area during the weekend that we would be in town and planned our time accordingly. Furthermore, to avoid spending our whole time driving, we dedicated each day to a different area and made sure that everything was nearby.
Whether you are planning on an exploration of your local town or the discovery of a new land with your closest pals, you must always do it in style and smart. You simply need to do your research and I guarantee you that it will be a vacation of a lifetime!

Safe Travels!

Using Third Party Services

We live in the age of third party sites who offer deals and services for less. While they offer a great way to save, there is also some risk that come with dealing with some of these sites. Certainly, the risks vary from low to high depending on what deal you are looking for. I want to share with you some of my tips on how to get the best experience when using a third party service.
Shop around and compare – Whether you faithfully use Groupon, LivingSocial, or TravelZoo to name a few, you must always be aware of the competition. Some deals are sometimes offered through more than one of these sites and a lot of times, the prices vary. My suggestion: do not be faithful to just one of these sites! Sign up for all of those that appeal to your needs most and compare them. Hey, the sign up is free, and if you are worried about your email inbox being flooded with daily emails, have one email address dedicated for your deals emails! The best part about this? These sites always have days of the week (or time of the month) where they will have an extra discount off of any deal purchased during a specific time frame!
Always do your research – No matter what deal you are looking to purchase, always research the product, the company, or the individual with whom you will be doing business with. Be aware of the fine print included in the deal such as “valid only on these days”, expiration dates, company or individual’s reviews. And lastly, trust your instinct! If you don’t feel comfortable with a company or with an individual, do NOT go into business with them! This is especially true if you are spending a high amount of money on the deal.
One of my favorite third party sites is AirBnB! However, if you follow the news, you have probably heard of some stories that may make you weary of using their services. This is probably one of the areas where research is crucial! Do not ever book a place without the following:
Having verified basic information for the host/owner of the place – name, phone number, and email contact. Prior to booking, you should be at least able to see whether or not the host is a verified user, a picture of them and a link to contact them. Once the place is booked, you will definitely be provided with a private email address and a telephone number from AirBnB.
Seeing verified pictures of the place – AirBnB sends employees that will take pictures of the place that is listed and is very good with taking all important rooms (bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom) along with a street view or neighborhood picture.
Having the complete address of the place – This will be helpful for you to then search it on google map. Don’t feel like you are being paranoid! I’d rather be viewed as “paranoid” than be viewed on a billboard with the words “have you seen me” above my picture! Be sure that your rental is located and ensure that it is safe and also near major hotels or major tourist attractions which means that there will be higher police and/or security presence. You should even be able to pull a neighborhood report on crime in the area.
Reading every single review of the owner – most AirBnB users are very good at leaving a review for their hosts and the company usually will send you reminders after your stay as it also helps them rate their hosts. These are very important! I normally would not suggest staying in any place that do not have at least 5 reviews with a paragraph or so detailing their stay.
Overall, as I mentioned before, always go with your instinct when in doubt. Also, I would not suggest to use this site for a stay if you will be alone in the apartment or home. In that case, bite the bullet and spend a little more for a hotel and look through third party sites such as Expedia or CheapTickets first so you can find better pricing. Lastly, always share your travel information with a friend or family member with whom you are in regular contact. You can never be too careful. However, once you have done your homework and it all checks out, be sure to enjoy your deal to the fullest!

Feel free to share some of your tips in the comment below!

Have fun saving!