Undergarments Please!

Have you ever seen a beautiful outfit on someone and was totally distracted from the outfit because the person was wearing the wrong type of undergarment with it? I have seen this type of infraction so many times that it’s pretty much the norm and I am no longer surprised. However, this will never make the sight attractive and for this reason, I’d like to share some basic tips about some of the biggest wardrobe faux pas that have unfortunately become too common:
– Bra: your bra is your best friend ladies! It helps your breasts defy gravity by providing support. Wearing the wrong bra with your outfit will prevent you from looking your very best. Here is one major suggestion that every woman should do: have a professional measure your chest so you can have your true size! This will make a major difference when you wear your clothes. Some women go their whole adult lives wearing ill fitted bras and as a result their breasts continually want to pop out of the top and when wearing a form fitted shirt you see a clear indentation separating their breasts. This does not make for a pretty sight, so ladies, on your next trip to the mall, stop by the underwear store of your choice and ask for a professional to measure you. Specialty stores such as Victoria Secret and Soma Intimates will not only provide you with your measurements but they will give it to you in writing along with all of the models that come in your size. This is a free service and you are not obligated to make purchase if you are not inclined to.
– Bra Straps: if you are wearing an outfit that has a racer back or is a halter top, please be conscious and make the effort to wear the appropriate bra with the outfit. Whether it is a strapless bra or a racer back bra, please do the necessary so that every person passing you does not need to know that you are fond of your new cheetah print bra! If you are unable to afford these specialty bras, you can invest in some bra clips and easily convert a traditional bra into a racer back bra. For a sleeveless outfit, if you are comfortable with going without a bra and simply use pasties to conceal your privacy, then by all means do so!
– Underwear: this has become the worst offense out of all undergarment offenses! Whether it is the sight of underwear mark under a spandex outfit, or the clear sight of the prints of underwear under a light colored attire, this infraction is not only very distracting but it also lowers the value of your attire. Be sure to carefully select your underwear when preparing your outfits and always stock the following types of underwear: seamless, dark colored, and flesh colored. If you are comfortable with thongs, I would also suggest the same types as well in thongs.
Ladies, we invest too much time (and money sometimes) in our outfits to let the look be ruined by wearing the wrong undergarments. In my opinion, having the right undergarments that fit properly already is half of the final look! And finally, my advice is to ALWAYS look at yourself in the mirror prior to leaving your house and try your best to catch any faux pas.



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