What every young woman needs to know!

As we continue to make progress with a lot of social issues such as women’s issues, I can’t help but notice that while some progress has been made, many young women do not understand the true meaning of a lot of the movements centered around us. It is becoming more common to see young women mistakenly believe that being an independent and strong woman simply means to be aggressive in their professional goals but they neglect the personal side. We are capable of so much more and deserve to be viewed as much more than shrewd professionals, loving homemakers, or unfortunately opportunists. Sadly, this last category seems to be quickly overpowering the former two as our society becomes more exposed to various reality shows. Our youth today believes so much in instant gratification that everyone now looks for the fastest way to success ignoring that many times, the faster you reach success, the harder you crash. In our quest to become rich, famous, or successful, many of us women have forgotten that being a well rounded woman should be what we aspire to become. Growing up my parents instilled a few principles in my sister and I and I truly believe that they are still valuable today:

  1. Every woman should get an education – whether you choose to be a stay at home mom/wife or you want to be in the workforce, you should at least get a certificate, license, or a degree. Even if you don’t make use of it for a while, having a degree not only gives you something to fall back on always, but you earn respect. Too many women feel trapped in relationships because they are unable to provide for themselves and/or their children because they do not have an education. Whatever your passion may be, get that degree!
  2. Learn the basic culinary skills – you do not need to be a great chef or be able to cook like your mom or grandmother but you should at least have five great dishes that you are able to make. Learning your way around the kitchen does not mean you need to be in there every day. You simply need to learn how to make decent meals. No matter what you hear, there is nothing cute about a girl that only knows how to make reservations.
  3. Be able to properly manage a home – this goes for any adult out of college or that has passed college age! However, in keeping with a theme for the ladies, this is one of my biggest pet peeves! Get decent coordinating furniture, have a set of matching plates, replace your plastic cups with some real drink ware and learn how to pick up a broom and dusting cloth every once in a while. Everyone over 25 should be able to properly maintain a home (regardless of your living situations).
  4. Learn to balance a budget – it is no longer cute once you pass 21, no self-respecting lady  (strenuous situations aside) should have to be going to mom or dad or worst significant other to pay your bills. You should have your priorities straight! If you are fortunate enough to have a good job, learn how to invest your money, start saving, open a retirement fund. If you are currently dodging unidentified phone numbers (debt collectors), you have no business being in the mall trying to add to your credit card bills just to get the latest fashion trend or worse, you have no business making it rain at any club. Financial irresponsibility will follow you years after the hottest spot in town closes and surely longer than the latest hot fashions.
  5. Get some hardware and auto mechanic knowledge – you don’t have to be the one who does your own plumbing but be sure to know what the difference between a hammer and a wrench is. You should also have the basic knowledge of how your car functions so you can ensure that you are not being taken advantage of every time you go to the mechanic. Plus knowing how to read the messages from your dashboard and having some knowledge of how to do some maintenance check can help save you hundreds!

I share these tips because I believe that women are fully capable of being well rounded. We are able to succeed in a profession while being able to take care of ourselves. No able woman should ever feel like she needs to be with someone because she is unable to do certain things for herself. This will keep you feeling inferior and this person may use that knowledge as a way to try to control you. As young women, we should strive to be self-sufficient rather than focusing on how to get rich quick using any means necessary. Self-sufficiency helps increase self-worth and help us earn the respect of others.


International Women’s Day

Hello Glam Girls!

Happy International Women’s Day! Whether it is an 8 year old girl who is starting to find interest in fashion or a 90 year old grandmother who now enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, we all share the common bond of being a woman and knowing how to overcome the hardships that come on our paths in life. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on what being a woman has always meant to me.

As women, we face the biggest challenges in our society and continually have to surmount them while being caretakers. We are daughters, friends, coworkers, mothers, wives and the list goes on… As women, we are usually our toughest critics as if society did not already set the bar to a surreal level! We are expected to be the exemplary role model but are the most neglected members of society and yet we still hold our heads high doing it all. We are never too tired to help a friend in need, help with homework, cook a warm meal, or finish a project that was assigned at the last minute. You name it, we handle it.

We multitask by nature! And we are climbing the steps in our society and becoming judges, doctors, fashion designers, governors, teachers, world leaders, and CEO’s while balancing these titles with our personal responsibilities and are still expected to excel at both. However as we climb in the ladders of the professional world, the criticism becomes louder and unfortunately many times it comes from other women. We must learn how to uplift each other better and recognize each other’s achievements without any source of envy and criticism. If we don’t do so, how do we expect the men who are still held back in the archaic age to ever view us as equals?

No one faces more criticism than the independent woman who works hard and does not rely on someone else to sustain her life. We get labeled as bitchy, bossy, difficult etc. However, as an independent woman who has heard it all and know many ladies who are living similar lives I can say that we are simply a mystery to those who have chosen a different path from us and to the opposite sex! We are a mystery because we have managed to fit into our day all of the responsibilities and still have time to look fabulous doing so! We are not bitchy or bossy, we simply know what we want and our time is precious so we do not waste it. We are not difficult, we just know our value and will not settle. Ladies, do not ever feel like you should apologize for knowing what you want in life! It is not about being nasty, and it is not about emasculating the men in our lives, being a woman is being able to build your life and follow your dreams while being able to uplift those present in it. In the end, we have dreams and goals in life just like a man, we just achieve them in stilettos!

Check out this amazing article that Cosmopolitan posted earlier last week: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/news/a37070/things-you-should-know-about-dating-a-woman-who-has-her-sht-together/

Keep reaching for your dreams ladies!